Collaborative transportation

We are sure about the need to reframe the urban development vision, because of that, we propose ideas focused to generate an inclusive and sustainable mobility, in which everyone of us collaborates.

Technology is our ally

We analyze in which situations the technology plays a determinant role to make every journey, in a city or region, an easy and efficient task for everybody.

Field studies

We use different devices such as cameras, smartphones and tablets as fundamental elements for our studies; we also take advantage of the installed technology in the cities to generate large amounts of data.

We explore beyond the obvious

We involve big data and predictive analysis in our studies to understand the behaviour of our users and thus propose viable solutions to our clients.

E-payment systems

We have the best of two worlds because we have a team specialized in transportation and e-payments. This allows us to advise our clients integrally with the best alternative to their business.

A 100% synergy

We know that integrating an e-payments systems is not just a technological matter; it’s very important to always have in mind the business to avoid creating a technically perfect system but unfeasible.

Future transportation

We work to create solutions that allow to access different transportation modes like train, bus, bike, car, among others. To achieve that, we take 100% advantage of technology using elements like: Internet, mobile devices and applications.

How we see it

We believe that future transportation won’t depend on a mode but on users and their access to real time information to make journeys in the fewer time and with the biggest possible efficiency.